Meet The Team


Dr. Darin Mazepa

A lifelong resident of the Lehigh Valley, Dr. Darin is passionate about four things, being the best father he can be to his son, Kaimana; his love for the Hawaiian Islands, especially Kauai; attending concerts and hearing live music; and transforming the lives of suffering people through Reorganizational Healing. In 1996 he and his former practice partner set out to create a new paradigm in healing for the Lehigh Valley. In January 1997, Vitality was born.

Over the last 20 years, Dr. Darin has helped thousands of patients live happier, more productive lives. Whether it's through the most gentle form of chiropractic, allergy elimination, nutritional counseling and support or any of the other tools in his professional arsenal, he always gives 100% to the person with whom he is consulting. He is the proud recipient of several awards over the past two decades and has been asked to speak at local, national and international health conferences.

Indy - head shot.jpg

Dr. Indy Ishaya

A graduate of Sherman College, Dr. Indy has been around chiropractic all his life. One of his first memories is of being in a chiropractic office with his mother and younger sister. This lifelong exposure cemented the incredible value of consistent, quality chiropractic care. He is happy to be able to share this love and passion with others, changing lives for the better in the world around us.

A lifelong learner, teacher and martial artist, Dr. Indy has studied with numerous experts in their respected fields and arts, from biomechanics to energy healing, and everything in between. He has alternately taught kung fu and yoga, meditation and sword fighting. Any given weekend you can find him either exploring the wilds of nature, soaking up a movie or fencing in medieval garb. He loves traveling the world, trying new cuisines, and meeting new and interesting people. He is currently pursuing a masters degree in nutrition and human performance in order to better serve the people under his care. His amazing and loving wife supports him well beyond any reasonable or rational expectation. She shares her time with him and their 3 lovable fur babies.


Laura Jany Klucharich

Laura began her professional career in marketing capacities for an Internet start-up and then in development for higher education. As her personal journey with health took some twists and turns, she focused her free time on the study and practice of alternative healing. Now an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Laura facilitates healing sessions and teaches all three levels of Reiki. The next step in her journey is teaching mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR). She completed the teaching practicum through the Mindfulness Institute at Thomas Jefferson University and continues to immerse herself in teacher trainings and silent meditation retreats. Laura is also the Director of Marketing and has been with Vitality for five years. In addition, she is mom to 10 year old twin girls who have special gifts to bring to this world. She loves the beach - her gypsy soul's home - and hopes to live there someday.


Joan Mumbower

Joan is an RN, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner, Reflexologist, Reiki Master and Clinical Herbalist. After struggling with many different health issues, some inherited and some brought on as a result of the typical American diet, she decided to learn about getting and staying healthy. On her journey, she has gained knowledge and experience to help herself and others improve the quality of their lives. Joan believes you can improve your health at any age or weight.


Joan Miller

Joan has been with Dr. Darin and Vitality for 18 years. She started as a receptionist and is now the administrative assistant making sure the office runs smoothly. She enjoys reading books in her spare time and watching westerns. She also loves spending time with her family. Joan and her husband David have two children, Brian and Janet, and five grandchildren, Cody, Kyle, Dakota, Daulton and Carlyn.

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Jennifer Rhoades

Jennifer began her career with Vitality in January 2018 as a receptionist and yoga instructor. Discovering yoga in her early teens, Jen found comfort in her practice. She found it provided her with clarity and answers to questions she felt she had been searching for all her life. With this leading her down her path as a teacher, she strives to show others the benefits of a daily practice and healthy lifestyle. She completed AntiGravity® FUNdamentals teacher certification for aerial yoga. Her healing path has also included training in MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy) for Depression as well as learning Reiki. She knows her educational journey and journey within are never-ending, but will continue to learn as much as she possibly can. Jen resides in Easton, PA with her loving boyfriend, Jon, and calico cat named Eleanor Rigby. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, hiking and catching some waves at the beach.