Breakthrough - November 9, 2019 / Breakthrough to Break Free

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Breakthrough - November 9, 2019 / Breakthrough to Break Free

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2020 is shaping up to be a very powerful and transformative year. In order for us to maximize the power and vision of 2020, let’s leave behind everything that no longer serves us and charge into the future with clarity and purpose.

During this retreat, you will learn skills to achieve a more energy-rich state and find out how to sustain this state for longer periods of time. Living at this vibration has the power to draw towards you that which you desire. It’s no longer acceptable for any of us to settle for anything less than extraordinary.

Each interactive session during this full-day immersive program builds momentum towards your growth and transformation.

Let’s create and manifest the extraordinary together!

Date: Saturday, November 9, 2019

Time: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm

Tuition: $325

Early Bird Discounts:

  • $275 if paid by October 21, 2019 ($50 off)

  • $300 if paid by October 31, 2019 ($25 off)

Location: Fowler Center, Northampton Community College, 511 E. Third St. Bethlehem, PA 18015

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Details: Wear loose-fitting, natural fiber clothing that allows for free movement. It is beneficial to register with a spouse, life partner or friend to share your personal evolution. The program starts promptly at 9:00 am so please arrive 30 minutes before to allow sufficient time for registration and light breakfast. The day consists of 3 powerful entrainments and 3 poignant workshops specifically designed to provide peaceful movement of breath, mind, body and soul. A healthy, replenishing lunch will be provided as well. We will conclude our time together by 6:00 pm.

Important information for all registrants: Please read to maximize your Breakthrough experience


Breakthrough 2019 


Breakthrough is an educational, experiential retreat designed to help you develop lifetime tools for greater awareness of yourself, your tension and ease patterns, and your bodymind's underlying rhythms and needs. This will assist you in developing a positive experience with your own self-correcting systems giving you enhanced spinal and nerve system integrity, insight and well being. Breakthrough nurtures your awareness of your inter-connection with the web of life, assisting you in your journey. 

The workshops at Breakthrough are designed to improve your attentiveness to your inner wisdom. We have found the experience of "awakening" in a group environment facilitates personal healing. The direct and indirect results of Breakthrough support your advancement in Network Care, and have many self-healing benefits including increased self-correction and self-regulation of spinal subluxations.

As you participate in this vibrant, dynamic environment, you may notice that one person's connection within him or herself stirs a sympathetic self reflection in another. Much like the striking of a tuning fork enhances an "entrainment" of another to its vibration and like women living in the same household who often find their monthly cycles begin to synchronize.

Our bodies are made up of vibrational particles dancing to universal rhythms, which may be perceived as pulsation and movement. It is our desire that as those around you are more able to experience their natural vibrations and rhythms, it will encourage your body to seek its own inner communication. As one person's spine can more effectively rock gently through its natural motion, we discover that it becomes easier for others to do the same. You may notice that as you stretch during the program you discover others simultaneously doing the same. Your laughter or other expressions of release of tension or emotion may inspire similar releases in others.

Through our own healing we become more compassionate towards ourselves. Through our compassion for ourselves we can be more available to others. Through our heightened participation with ourselves, we more fully participate with others in the shared experience of healing. This accelerates the healing process for all in attendance.

Harmony is the law of love -St. Germain

The Format

All Breakthrough participants are here to hold the space for our own personal healing, as well as the collective healing Field.  We will work as one group to achieve maximum outcomes while allowing for ease and grace to guide us.  Healing does not need to be difficult.

Due to the unique nature and needs of each group, the times of the individual sessions and programs may vary slightly from your printed schedule. Please allow yourself to surrender to the flow of the day, as this too is part of the healing process. 

You are invited to, but not required to participate in all of the sessions and programs available for you at Breakthrough. 

Becoming Self Aware

As children, most people were not taught that paying attention to oneself is vital to a happy and healthy life. Many people were taught that paying attention to their job, their schedule, their accomplishments, their spouse or family, or earning a living was primary. Many were also taught that paying attention to oneself is self indulgent or selfish. Therefore, the natural mechanisms that help you to listen or observe your bodymind's subtle cues became inhibited, improperly developed, or blocked. We learned to use our thinking brain to redirect our attention outside of ourselves and began placing our trust where our attention had been . . . also outside of ourselves. 

Physical, chemical, and emotional stresses or traumas can often be difficult to deal with. Brilliant unconscious biological mechanisms are established throughout lifetimes to insulate us from our unpleasant experiences. 

It has been shown that in people with severe trauma, the emotional brain (limbic system) places a "marker" on certain experiences. This happens as our cerebral cortex (thinking brain) avoids having to deal with the trauma. The energy of the trauma still circulates throughout the body without our awareness (or perhaps with only partial or distorted awareness) of the experience that had been so difficult.

In people with severe trauma, it has been reported that posture, body movements, and sensations associated with the situation or event may persist or recur, even though there may be no conscious memory of the event. The developer of Network Care, Dr. Epstein suggests that via the mechanism of the facilitated subluxation, mechanical tension at the spinal level replays the energy that the brain cannot fully experience. Therefore, spinal tension and altered spinal postures act as a means of further perpetuating the fragmentation of the nerve system. 

Your body cannot remedy something it is not aware of. You cannot begin to do things differently until you are aware of what it is that you are actually doing. 

Can you heal if you don’t feel it?

During this day you will be learning to pay attention to yourself in a way that may exceed anything you have ever experienced. You will be asked to place your focused attention on your spine, its movements, your breath and your sensations. You will not be asked to do anything with this awareness. By placing your attention on yourself as you participate in the weekend's programs you allow yourself to help those parts that have become separate to come together again. In this process the body will most often disburse the energy once confined to a specific area, as it reintegrates this separated part of you back into the whole.

Network Spinal  Care

The benefits reported by those receiving Network Care include an increased ability to recognize areas of tension and dysfunction within the spinal system, and to employ forces to bring about resolution of the distortion or tension. This process contributes to healing and well being. 

Network Care is administered in a series of Four Sacred Seasons, each geared at your ability to detect and resolve spinal tension and interference, and to your increased self-awareness and ability to respond to yourself. During Breakthrough we will strive to enhance the development of your spinal and nerve system's capacity to benefit from the various Levels of Care. For some, the refinement of one level will be most advantageous with a profound learned effect for your spine and nerve system. For others, especially those in Network Care for longer periods of time, more than one Level of Care strategy may be advanced. 

This day is geared at assisting you in further developing your nerve and spinal system's self-

observation capacities, and in dissipating tension you no longer need. We aim to help you to develop an increasing number of coordinated spinal oscillators. These are regions of the spine that gently rock in synch with one another. This will advance your progression through care and your ability to develop mechanisms for spontaneous detection and self-correction of spinal tension, interference and subluxations. 

Breakthrough will help you to be in better touch with your body; knowing its own story and needs, and integrating your movement, breathing and the way you touch and hold yourself. This will help you to know that you truly can heal yourself. 

Emotional Subsystem and the Breakthrough Program

The Network Care model of spinal and neural integrity considers several "subsystems" which are responsible for creating and maintaining nerve system and spinal integrity. The cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive are some of the subsystems that maintain your body. 

The subsystems of the spine and nerve system are: 

·        Passive:  vertebra, ligaments and spinal discs

·        Active:  spinal muscles and their tendons 

·        Control:  brain, spinal cord, nerves and an extensive membrane network known as the meninges. 

·        Emotional:  composed of the tension, movement and vibration of the body's tissues. 

Each of these systems must coordinate function and be able to respond immediately to changing demands placed upon them. If any subsystem is compromised, another will have to take over the slack. For example if a vertebra is injured in an automobile accident, the messages sent to the control subsystem (nerve system) will tell the active subsystem (muscles) to contract to protect the area. If the control subsystem (nerve system) is under mechanical tension (stretched or squeezed) the passive subsystem (vertebra) and the active subsystem (muscles) will orchestrate movement of the spinal bones into a protective posture.

The emotional subsystem is associated with the motion of body tissues and their baseline degree of tension. If there is emotional tension in the body this would be in association with tissue tension (nerve system, connective tissue, muscle, or joint). Dr. Epstein suggests that when there is a change in the motion or tension of any tissue of the body, especially at the spinal level (the switchboard for the bodymind), we experience this as emotion. As your vertebrae begin to move more freely, as your connective tissue releases its tension, and as the mechanical tension is released from the spinal cord and nerves, your body will have the opportunity to release energy that has been stored. 

Some of the ways in which this emotional subsystem releases stored tension is through muscle movement, which may also move the spine through a greater range of its motion. 

It may release emotion through crying, laughing or toning, all natural expressions of sound. We often will make a sound that is similar to the vibration stored within our body as tension. This sound massages the tissues from the inside and appears to facilitate the release of tension. Much of this tension may have been stored as a result of your bodymind's reaction to various traumatic situations in your life. A release of emotions is common as tension is resolved. Although the release of emotions may at times be very apparent in this process, it is not specifically what benefits you, but simply a by-product of your increasing wholeness. The Network sessions are aimed at advancing your ability to coordinate your body's spinal integrity subsystems. We help you to reintegrate the out of phase systems, enhancing your brain's ability to recognize and utilize meaningful energetic information for self-healing. 

Somatopsychic and Respiratory Waves

Through Network Care the brain may generate two waves, which are associated with dissipation of energy, enhanced vertebral motion, coordination of the spinal subsystems and enhanced well being. These are known as the Respiratory and Somatopsychic Waves™. 

The Respiratory wave is characterized by a full and profound natural rhythmic breathing which begins at the base of the spine, progresses upward between the shoulder blades, around the shoulders, and into the neck. It naturally gently rocks the vertebra "melting" tension and enhancing correction of vertebral subluxations. 

The Somatopsychic Wave™ (“soma” for body, “psyche” for mind or spirit) is associated with muscular contraction which pulsates and organizes various spinal segments into a fluid wave like coordinated motion. 

These wave mechanisms are currently being studied at the University of Southern California to better characterize them, and to evaluate their potential role in the body's reorganization to a higher level. 

During the Network sessions your facilitator may position your spine to allow for a more effective redistribution of energy, improved coordination of the spinal integrity subsystems, and an enhancement of full spinal involvement in these "healing waves".

Healing and Transformation

Healing and transformation are personal, and therefore not competitive. Outward manifestations such as emoting, or large body movements are not indicative of the degree of spinal and nerve system progress or of an individual's enhanced ability to self correct. 

We will assist your appreciation of your healing process, and of your self-regulatory and self-healing mechanisms. Varied workshops at Breakthrough coupled with the Network sessions are designed to increase the forces of healing available to each of us, both individually, and as a community. 

Please schedule your next visit with your chiropractor as soon as you return home from Breakthrough. If you currently consult with any other health or healing facilitators please seek their attention shortly after the program as much physiologic change will have occurred and reevaluation may be appropriate. 

The power which animates this living world is being expressed though you and others during Breakthrough. It deserves respect and reverence. During this program it is suggested that you give thanks to your spiritual source in your own personal way.

The energy of our wounds can act as the fuel for our healing.  It is through our experience of this energy that our wounds may be transformed into gifts.